New Year's Eve



  • Royal Crab and mango salad - Taste of Mozambique (B)
  • Scalops in lime beurreblanc sauce with apple tartar (G+O)


  • Fried shrimps in filo pastry with lemon mayonnaise and parsley gremolata - Taste of Mozambique (A+B+C)
  • Samosas  Goa style (2 units) – Taste of Mozambique (A+L)
  • “Bellota” smoked ham and goat cheese stuffed mushrooms (G+M)
from the Sea

  • Crab curry with white rice  – Taste of Mozambique  (A+B)
  • Prawn curry with lady's fingers served with basmati rice – Taste of Mozambique (A+B)
  • Grilled Tiger prawns with piripiri sauce – Taste of Mozambique (A+B+C)
  • Fish loins in coconut and coriander sauce with sweet potatoe and cassava pure – Taste of Mozambique (D+G)
  • Grouper in turmeric and coriander sauce with basmati rice – Taste of Mozambique (D+G)
  • Cod au gratin with garlic confit (C+D)
  • Roasted Cod with black olive pesto and parmigiano cheese (D+G)
from the Land

  • Kid chacuti – Taste of Mozambique (A)
  • Roasted Kid with sautéed sprouts (H)
  • Tomahawk aged steak (1 kg) with mushrooms and spinach “migas” (2 pax) (A)
  • Tenderloin Steaks Portuguese Sauce
  • Tenderloin Steaks Green Pepper Sauce
  • Tenderloin Steaks Grilled With Herb Butter
  • Additional side dishes (homemade fries, basmati rice(A), vegetables)

  • Wild berry or passion fruit cheescake (A+C+G)
  • Custard/créme caramel with strawberry thin slices (C+G)
  • Chocolate cake with hazelnut praline and orange and cardamom sorbet (A+C+G+H)
  • Dark chocolate and mint mousse (C+G+H)
  • Pumpkin confit in filo pastry served with coconut ice cream(A+H)
  • Ice cream(G) / sorbet du jou

Information Allergenic

A – Gluten containing cereals and cereal products; B – Crustaceans ans shellfish based products; C – Eggs and egg-based products; D – Fish and fish products; E – Peanuts and peanut-based products; F – Soybeans and soy products; G – Milk and milk products (including lactose); H – Nuts and products made from nuts; I – Celery and celery products based on; J – Mustard and mustard products; L – Sesame seeds and products os sesame seeds; M – Sulfur dioxide and sulfites; N – Lupine and lupine-based products; O – Mollusks and mollusks products;


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